मोदीलाई पठाए बेल्जियमका नेपालीहरूले विरोधपत्र

भारतका प्रधानमन्त्री नरेन्द्र मोदीलाई बेल्जियमका  नेपाली सामाजिक संस्थाहरुले पठाए भारतीय दूतावास  मार्फत बिरोधपत्र

ईयुनेपाल प्रतिनिधि

ब्रसेल्स – बेल्जियम ,  मे २० ।

बेल्जियमका  विभिन्न  सामाजिक संस्थाहरुले नेपाली भूभाग लिपुलेक, कालापानी , लिम्पियाधुरा अतिक्रमण गरेको विरोध गर्दै राजदुतावासको माध्यमबाट भारत सरकारलाई विरोधपत्र पठाएका छन्।

प्रवासी नेपाली एकता मञ्च बेल्जियमकाअध्यक्ष जित लामाले कोरोना महामारीमा भौतिक रुपमा उपस्थित भएर पत्र दिनसक्ने वातावरण नभएका कारण हुलाकबाट पोष्ट गरिएको ईयुनेपाललाई  जानकारी  गराए । नेपालको भूमि अतिक्रमण भएको नेपाल सरकारको औपचारिक कदमबाटै प्रष्ट भएपछि सबै संस्थाहरुलाई एकवद्द गराएर विरोध पत्र बुझाएको उनले बताएका छन् । तरपनि गैर आवासीय नेपाली संघ बेल्जियमले भने एक्लै पत्र बुझाएको बताए । विरोध पत्र पठाउने संस्थाहरुले संयुक्त रुपमा ज्ञापन पत्र हुलाक मार्फत पठाएका छन् ।  संसारभरका नेपालसंग सम्वन्धित विभिन्न सामाजिक संस्थाहरुले भारतीय राजदूतावासलाई विरोध पत्र पठाईरहेकाछन् । बेल्जियमकै संघसस्थाको अनुशरन गर्दै  धेरै देशका सामाजिक संस्थाहरुले पनि सामुहिक पत्र पठाउने तैयारी गरिरहेको जानकारी आएको छ ।

आधिकारिक रुपमा दर्ता प्रकृया पुरा गरि हुलाक मार्फत पठाईएका पत्रहरु राजदूतावासले आफ्नो देशको पररास्ट्र् मन्त्रालयलाई जानकारी गराउन वाध्य हुनेछ । त्यसकारण संसारभरबाट यस्ता पत्रहरुले कुनै न कुनै रुपमा दवाव भने दिन्छ नै ।  बेल्जियमका निम्न संस्थाहरुले सामूहिक रुपमा विरोधपत्र पठाएका हुन् ।  प्रवासी नेपाली एकता मंच-बेल्जियम ,नेपाली जनसम्पर्क समिती बेल्जियम, नेपाली जनप्रगतिशिल मोर्चा -बेल्जियम ,नेपाली समाज- बेल्जियम, प्रवासी नेपाली एकता समाज- बेल्जियम ,नेपाली एकता समाज- बेल्जियम  रहेकाछन ।

विरोधपत्रमा के लेखिएको छ ? 


His Excellency Shri Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

New Delhi, India.


Her Excellency the Ambassador of India Brussels, Belgium

Subject: Protest Letter against Encroachment of Nepali territory

Excellency, Our serious attention has once again been drawn to the opening up of a link road to Kailash Mansarovar via Lipulek which passes through Nepali territory. We strongly feel that the construction of this road link via Nepali territory is a blatant disregard of and an attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our beloved motherland. We express our profound regret over repeated incidents  of such a brazen violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nepal. We strongly condemn the continued occupation of Nepali land by a strong and powerful neighbor as India.

The land used by India for the construction of the road lying east of the Kali River is an inalienable part of Nepal. This is borne out from bilateral treaty, historical documents, maps, facts and other evidences. As per the Sugauli Treaty of March 4, 1816, signed between Nepal and then British East-India Company, the Mahakali River (Kali in India) is established as the western border between the two countries. The Kali river originates from Limpiyadhura which is about 30 kilometres west of Kalapani. The political map issued by India itself on April 24, 1856, conforming to the Sugauli Treaty, regards Limpiyadhura as the river’s origin. There are several other maps drawn by the Survey of India following the 1816 Treaty which clearly show the areas namely Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiadhura within the boundary of Nepal. In addition, the fact that a census was done in the 1960s by the Government of Nepal in three villages of Kuti, Nabi and Gunji, located in the region, proves that the territory has always been an alienable part of Nepal. On top of that, the people living in those area still hold receipts of land tax paid to the Nepali authorities in the past.

The people of Nepal, the Nepali Diaspora across the globe, as well as the Government of Nepal stand as one against the bullying and encroachment of Nepali land by India. 

We, as the nation of 30 million patriotic citizens with boundless love for our motherland, firmly believe in fraternity, equality and justice as our core values. We sincerely desire to give continuity, as usual, to our cordial and friendly relations with India. We also cherish age-old friendly and cordial relationship existing between our two great nations and two peoples. Nevertheless, our cordiality and humbleness should not be construed as our weakness. We once again affirm our belief that we shall neither encroach upon others’ land nor shall we tolerate the encroachment on our land by others. No one can imagine that any close friend invades upon their territory, as India has done against Nepal, at this trying hours when the whole world is struggling hard to fight against COVID-19. 

You would agree, Excellency, that the humankind in history has witnessed long, tortuous, and painful periods of war, aggression and forceful occupation of territories belonging to small and weak nations by big and powerful ones. But with the end of the cold war and the advent of the 21st century, the mankind has entered into a new phase of history in which goodwill, fraternity, and equality based on cooperation, collaboration and partnership should remain as guiding principles for relations between the nations irrespective of their size and strength.

In view of the above, we, on behalf of thousands of Nepali migrants in Belgium, request in all our earnest to His Excellency the Prime Minister of India, through your good offices, to take necessary action immediately to vacate and return, as per the provisions of the treaty as well as based on historical facts, documents and evidences, the whole part of land lying east of the Kali river which has been seized by India from the 1960s. We earnestly hope that Indian government will take positive initiatives to resolve this issue amicably that will be enormously helpful to strengthen and deepen bilateral relations between our two countries and the people.

हुलाक मार्फत पत्र पठाएपछि प्रवासी नेपाली एकता मञ्च बेल्जियमले विज्ञप्ति जारी गरेको छ । विज्ञप्तिमा मानसरोवर जाने सडकको एक पक्षिय रुपमा उदघाटन गरि सन्चालनमा ल्याएको समाचारले बेल्जियम स्थित कृयासिल नेपाली सबै बैचारिक संगठनहरुको गम्भीर ध्यानाकर्षण भएकोले त्यसको कडा शब्दमा निन्दा र भ्रत्सना गर्दै सो नेपाली भूमि अबिलम्ब छोडन र नेपालको सार्वभौमसत्ताको सम्मान गर्न बेल्जियमबासी नेपालीहरुको तर्फबाट  हार्दिकतापूर्बक अपिल गरेको छ ।

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